A casual conversation at a farmers’ gathering - "if I want 50 tons of Urea It is there in abundance. If I want the same 50 tons of Organic Manure will I get it?"

Swayambhu Biologics was thus born. A conversation that had deep underlying need for conservation of resources.

Key to this is to identify the resources for conservation.
  • A team of technocrats with over 150 man-years of successful, investible research experience formed Swayambhu Biologics to deliver Accelerated Biologically Intervened Technology (ARBIT) processes.
  • Pride to behold is successive national and international Awards within a short span
    of time acknowledging our efforts in pursuit of Environmental Sustainability.
  • 2013 – International Knowledge Millennium conference (IKMC) award
  • 2014 – SANKALP* Forum 2014 (an Intellicap* Initiative) – Best Social Enterprise in Agriculture,Food and Livelihood
  • 2014 – SANKALP Forum2014 (an Intellicap Initiative) – SANKALP ARTHA* Grand Jury award across all segments
ARBIT delivers through its patented complex microbial consortium, a 100 % Organic process adaptable to both open earth and closed earth systems resulting in nutrient rich bio-manure(compost) on one side to managing distillery effluent (Vinasse/spent wash) to achieve Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD).
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