"Bigger things will begin to happen if you do smaller things right"

Swayambhu Biologics Private Limited was incorporated in Nov 2010; with prime focus to sustain, support and promotes Hitech agriculture, horticulture and related economics. Extending Technology, marketing services of the produce and develop fitting technologies for the farmers and allied support base is our unique motto.

In early 2012 Swayambhu Biologics suitably honoured by IITMS Rural Technology with its due incubation for high end pioneering technologies on Agriculture and Solid Waste Management. Our vital legroom within the “IIT Madras campus” provides inventive reach to high profile furnished laboratories and knowledge resources available within. This further widens company’s earnest pursuance and much required scope in R&D on agro biotech podium with International Research Laboratory Infrastructure on hand at helm.

Swayambhu Biologics has in its ownership on pioneering know-how on composting of industrial bio wastes as part of its Solid Waste Management surge. Company’s first of its kind origination on Agro-based industries such as sugar cane, pulping industries etc has scored high end prolific grades for our teamed platform commercially.

As part of Hi-tech Agriculture gift to the Nation, Swayambhu Biologics visions to advance on technologies relevant for agriculture, horticulture and the "Biochemical Extraction Entities (BEE's)" of medicinal plants for active ingredients in concentrate forms (crystals and formulations) for pharmacy, cosmetics, beverages and nutraceutical zone.

Swayambhu Biologics has over the years evolved to clinically practise matters of industrial magnitude Viz. primarily Solid Waste Management and Cost effectual technologies and associated environment concerns faced by major industries to generate alternative usage of generated waste and thus minimising consolidation of dissipate at source.