Swayambhu Biologics pioneering research work in the filed of Hi-Tech Agriculture and solid waste management was rewarded suitably in the second Quarter of 2012. IIT Madras RTBI incubated Swayambhu Biologics and provided much needed resources, lab and space at the IIT Research Park. This progression since inception only validates our work, belief and trust to continue the journey to make large scale societal impact.

Acknowledging the efficacy of ARBIT the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India has awarded Biotechnology Ignition Grant (BIG) to establish research facility and pursue ARBIT applications in other spectrum of waste management. A state of the art research facility is now established exclusively for the purpose at IIT Madras Research Park, Chennai.

Spirulina: Spirulina is a cyanobacterium mainly grown on race-way ponds using alkaline waters. Spirulina alga has a worldwide acceptance and demand for its unique holistic nutritional profile. Technology is already available with the company and continuous persistence is on to manufacture it with added cost efficiency. To increase its productivity per unit area is the focal point of delve into and is being pursue through. Development of straightforward and cost effective technology to extract pure phycocyanin is being well thought-out and is under due R&D scanner.

Natural Mixed Carotenoids from Alga Dunaliella salina: Innovative and ideating research on biotechnology development for effectual mass culturing of alga Dunaliella salina is being incorporated for its potent active ingredient natural Beta-carotene and its isomers. With the on hand resources and expertise on upstream and downstream practice, the company is now self-assured to disseminate the technology commercially and the R & D will currently centred on formulation and crystallisation of Natural Beta Carotene for sustained need and supply to the global market for food, feed, cosmetics, beverages, nutraceutical colorant and pharmacy segment.

Lycopene from Tomato: Lycopene is an essential carotenoid which has a significant demand for its anti oxidant belongings worldwide. It is the red pigment in Tomato and has loads of therapeutic applications. The company has the most up-to-date technical expertise on its extraction and is developing an only one of its kind technology for efficient extraction using supercritical extraction and processing technique. Crystallisation of Lycopene is another technology being pursued and will be made available for transfer for commercial exploitation.

Colchicine from Gloriosa superba: Colchicine is a medication used for gout. It is a natural product and secondary metabolite originally extracted from plants of genus Colchicum (autumn crocus, Colchicum autumnale, also known as "meadow saffron"). It was used originally to treat rheumatic complaints, in particular gout, and at rest unearth for use now a days notwithstanding dosing concern relating to its toxicity.[1] It was also prescribed for its cathartic and emetic effects. Colchicine's present medicinal use is in treatment of gout, familial Mediterranean fever, pericarditis and Behçet's disease. It is being explored for its use as anticancer prescription.

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