ARBIT-F2F (Fallow to Fertile )
Land area is either Fallow or Fertile. Organic agricultural produce is dwindling with respect to population growth on account of:
Commercial pressure to give away land – in developing countries
Force of nature – land area lost to erosion, flood, pollution

ARBIT – F2F is an organic mass scale solution to convert fallow to fertile lands by using a  proprietary  technology  in  combination  with naturally  occurring / available  raw  materials Coco–Coir Pith.

Coir Pith is a biomass residue generated during the extraction of coir fiber from coconut husk and is a by-product of the coir manufacturing industry. Causes environmental pollution.

Coir Pith is a fluffy, light, spongy material with increased water holding capacity and has a sizable percentage of combustible matter along with low ash content.

Existing Practise:
Method of composting
  • only 30% utilised balance in dumped in open causes environmental hazard.
  • Fungal method of composting
  • Aerotilling not possible
  • 100% utilization
  • Availability of Biomanure
  • Cost effective
  • Enrichment of soil by recycling the potential nutrients
  • Microbial intervention. Both Mesophiles and Thermophiles are used for composting
  • Aerotilling and windrow method of composting is possible
Time taken for compost
  • 90-120 days
  • < 30 days
End uses
  • Horticulture Nurseries and soil amendment
  • Hydrophonic media and polyhouse bed amendment
  • Grow bags and roof garden media

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