Distilleries world over spew out billions of Kilo Liters of Vinasse / spent wash each day damaging the ecological balance.Distillery spent wash is unwanted residual liquid waste, generated during alcohol production. It is a dark brown highly organic effluent waste with high temperature low pH and an unpleasant burnt sugar odor. Very high COD and BOD characterize spent wash. If left untreated, destroys flora and fauna.

ARBIT D2C guarantees ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) in distilleries through a pure organic process achieving:

1:4+ press mud : spent wash ratio against existing 1 : 2+
Increase in distillery productivity -Productivity gain of multiple X
Land area reduction by 5 X
Odor free environment
Gain more for less
Spill over and percolation threats eradicated
Storage Bullets & lagoons dependency reduced
Adaptable to tail end effluent conversion from multisystem installation

Current Practices
Bio Methanation
  • Reduces COD/BOD
  • Energy Exploitation
  • Traps Green House gases
  • Captive power generation
  • Highly cost intensive
  • Sludge and tail end water disposal issues
  • Inconsistent production
  • Add-on cost for sludge disposal
  • Contributes to boiler fuel input
  • Leaves ash residue
  • High maintenance cost
Concentration by evaporation
  • Manages 30% of the spent wash / vinasse
  • Recycled water for in-house use
  • Residual heat for alcohol distillation
  • Highly Capital cost
  • High energy cost
  • Partial consumption of spent wash / vinasse
  • Problem of concentrated spent wash / vinasse persists
  • Low energy cost
  • Intervention through existing infrastructure and practices
  • Entirely biological
  • Resultant Bio-manure
  • Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)
  • Temperature dependent
  • Need constant quality monitoring
  • Need to be standardized for each industry / site individually

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